Climbing Puig de L'Ofre

This medium difficult 8 miles route near Soller in the Tramuntana Mountains, with an elevation gain and loss of 1700 feet, brings us to the top of Puig de L'Ofre Mountain passing the Cuber reservoir. The views from the summit are amazing. You can see the two lakes Cuber and Gorg Blau, and also a big part of the island, like Palma and Soller.
The technical difficulty is medium, the excursion consists mostly in easy ways but the last part, climbing to the summit is a little more complicated and the use of hands will be necessary.

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We start the excursion in the Area recreativa Font des Noguer, coordinates 39.7872616, 2.7990243 (directions). There is a parking space and also the bus stop for line 354 (TIB).

marker 1


The route starts at this parking space. There is a barrier with a ladder you have to cross. After about 0.3 miles, we arrive at the Cuber reservoir.

Cuber entrance

marker 2

Refugio de Cuber

Here we take the path to the right leaving the reservoir to our left. After 1.2 miles on a firm and flat way, you will pass near the Cuber refuge.

Cuber refuge

marker 3

Coll de L'Ofre

Shortly after the refuge, the way starts to get up hill. You follow straight and after 1.2 miles a sign indicates you to leave the way and follow a smaller path for about 0.5 miles to finally reach Coll de L'Ofre. This section has a moderate elevation gain of 425 feet.

View back to Cuber from Coll de L'Ofre

marker 4

Puig de L'Ofre

We continue straight for 300 feet and then take the way to the left. You have to walk around the mountain, leaving it to your left, following this firm and flat way. After 0.6 miles, you will spot a small path to your left that leads to the top of the mountain. You have to follow the cairn signs (small stone piles) to find the right way to the summit. This is a strong ascent with an elevation gain of 820 feet where you will have to use your hands to climb.

View to Cuber from the summit of L'Ofre



To return, we will descent on different, less steep and easier trail. You will find this way a few feet from the top turning left. To follow this path, again you will have to orientate yourself with the cairn signs. There are two crossings, on both you turn left until you reach again Coll de L'Ofre. From Coll de L'Ofre to Cuber you return on the same way you came. Arriving at Cuber you take the way to your right, to see the Cuber reservoir from a different perspective.



Cuber entrance
Cuber entrance
Cuber with L'Ofre in the background
View to Puig Major
Cuber Dam
Cuber refuge
End of Cuber reservoir
Calf near Cuber
Way with Puig de L'Ofre at the background
View back to Cuber from Coll de L'Ofre
Start of climbing to the summit
View to Palma on the way to the top
View to Palma from the L'Ofre summit
View to Soller from the L'Ofre summit
View to Alaro from the L'Ofre summit
View to Cuber from the L'Ofre summit
View to Cuber from the L'Ofre summit
Way back at Cuber
View to puig Major from the Cuber Dam
Bird flying over Cuber
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