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Welcome to Fites Mallorca. You can find here information about the best hiking routes in Mallorca. These excursions are selected because of their outstanding views, landscapes, flora and fauna. Click on the photo or the button, to go to the full description of the route with map, GPS navigation and photos.
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Puig d'en Galileu

Climbing Puig d'En Galileu, near Lluc in the mountain chain Tramuntana, passing Ses Voltes d'En Galileu and "snow houses" (antique snow storing buildings) Son Massip and d'En Galileu. You can also see antique charcoal maker barracks on the way.

assignment_late easy schedule 4:15 h transfer_within_a_station 5 mi vertical_align_bottom 1998 ft vertical_align_top 3763 ft trending_up 2080 ft

elevation profile

Ermita de Betlem

Climbing from Betlem urbanization, at the Alcudia Bay, to the Ermita de Betlem. A beautiful little hermitage from 19th century with a stunning view to the bay.

assignment_late easy-medium schedule 2 h transfer_within_a_station 4 mi vertical_align_bottom 115 ft vertical_align_top 1056 ft trending_up 853 ft

elevation profile

Playa Coll Baix

Route to the virgin gravel beach Coll Baix in the Alcudia peninsula, perfect for going in Summer and enjoying the crystal clear water. You can combine this excursion with the route to Cova Tancada which has the same starting point.

assignment_late easy-medium schedule 1:30 h transfer_within_a_station 2.5 mi vertical_align_bottom 10 ft vertical_align_top 492 ft trending_up 787 ft

elevation profile

Cova Tancada

Route to Cueva Tancada, a stalactites and stalagmites cave at the Alcudia peninsula. You can combine this excursion with the route to Playa Coll Baix which has the same starting point.

assignment_late medium schedule 1:45 h transfer_within_a_station 1.9 mi vertical_align_bottom 16 ft vertical_align_top 459 ft trending_up 804 ft

elevation profile

Playa S'Arenalet d'es Verger

Route to virgin beach S'Arenalet d'es Verger, also known as S'Arenalet d'Albarca, at the Llevant Natural Park, next to Artá. Ideal for going in Summer and enjoying the crystal clear water and the sandy beach.

assignment_late easy-medium schedule 3:20 h transfer_within_a_station 5.9 mi vertical_align_bottom 10 ft vertical_align_top 289 ft trending_up 1247 ft

elevation profile

Puig de L'Ofre

Climbing Puig de L'Ofre from Cuber see near Soller in the mountain chain Tramuntana.

assignment_late medium schedule 4 h transfer_within_a_station 8.1 mi vertical_align_bottom 2448 ft vertical_align_top 3583 ft trending_up 1706 ft

elevation profile

Playa Cala Bóquer

Short route to the Cala Bóquer near Puerto de Pollensa. A rarely frequented virgin stone bay with crystal clear water, good for swimming and snorkeling.

assignment_late easy-medium schedule 1:10 h transfer_within_a_station 3 mi vertical_align_bottom 0 ft vertical_align_top 282 ft trending_up 591 ft

elevation profile

Playa Es Caló

Short route to Es Caló near Betlem in the municipality Artá. A virgin bay with a small sandy beach. It has calm and crystal clear water, thanks to a small dike that protects it. Therefore, it's also ideal for snorkeling.

assignment_late easy schedule 1:50 h transfer_within_a_station 3.9 mi vertical_align_bottom 0 ft vertical_align_top 161 ft trending_up 492 ft

elevation profile

Barranc de Biniaraix

Climbing Cornador Gran through the Barranc de Biniaraix in the mountain chain Tramuntana. On the way you pass the waterfall at Gorg de Ca'n Catí and the cave Ses Alfàbies. On the top there is an astonishing view of Soller from the lookout point Xim Quesada.

assignment_late medium schedule 6:00 h transfer_within_a_station 7.8 mi vertical_align_bottom 144 ft vertical_align_top 3127 ft trending_up 3491 ft

elevation profile

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