Climbing to Betlem hermitage

This easy-medium 4 miles route, with an elevation gain and loss of 856 feet, brings us to the Ermita de Betlem, a beautiful little hermitage from 19th century with a stunning view to the bay. The starting point is the urbanization Betlem at the Alcudia Bay.
The technical difficulty is easy-medium, the trail is mainly rocky and uneven, but only some points are slippery.

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We start the excursion at the entrance to Betlem, coordinates 39.749243, 3.311356 (directions). There is an open parking.

marker 1

Casas de Betlem

The route begins in front of the parking, there is a sign and a barrier with a ladder you have to cross. After 0.2 miles we arrive at the old Betlem houses, which are now abandoned ruins.

Casas de Betlem

marker 2

Fountain of the hermitage

Approximately 0.1 miles later, there is a sign and the trail splits into two, you have to take the way at the left. After 1.2 miles along this rocky uneven path, with an elevation gain of 650 feet, you reach the fountain of the hermitage.

Virgin at the hermitage fountain

marker 3

Betlem hermitage

From this point on, the way is in good conditions and even. After about 0.3 miles, you arrive at the "Ermita de Betlem".

Entrance to Ermita de Betlem

marker 4

Lookout point

Behind the hermitage, there is a lookout point, from where you have a stunning view of the Alcudia Bay.

Views from lookout point at the hermitage



You return on the same way.


Casas de Betlem
Way up to the Ermita de Betlem
Alcudia Bay
Formentor Lighthouse
Virgin at the hermitage fountain
"Xoriguer" flying over the hermitage
First sight on the Betlem hermitage
Entrance to Betlem hermitage
Views from lookout point
Inside of the Betlem hermitage
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